April 2015 minutes: AAPS bond millage, grants, open carry policy

Amy R., Cindy , Mike, Rachel, Suzanne Vu, Andy Thomas, Sarah, Laite, Adrienne, Peggy

Andy (AAPS School Board):

-Election & proposals

– Bond is continuation of existing bond millage – 2.4 mills. If not renewed, taxes reduced just slightly. Without passing, 1st yr. goes down from 2.45 to 2.43 ($11/yr). End of 5 yrs 2.14 mills ($21/ yr).

– We will get approx. $33 million if passed – used to replace busses equipped w/ global tech. AAPS owns busses & just outsources service.  Continue reading


February 2015 PTO Board Meeting Minutes

February Meeting 2/5/15 @ 7 pm – Peggy Sheagren’s house

Meeting commence: 7:17 pm

Amy R

  • Next meeting March 31, 2015.
  • Calendar: NAAPID on Monday – Assembly 9:30-10:15 am. Food/coffee in the am – Adrienne. Lunch – we provide drinks & paper products (Amy R & Adrienne shopping) & desserts. Budget $400.
  • Kdg round up 24th 6-8 pm. Snacks? Alphabet cookies. Budget $275. Art projects. $75 for childcare.
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February 2015 Dicken Data

Download the February 2015 Dicken Data to read about news and upcoming events at Dicken Elementary School

January 2015 PTO Board Meeting Minutes

January 15th Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:02pm.

In attendance: Sarah Roux, Celia Gargaro, Elizabeth Hood, Amy Drummond, Mike Madison, Cindy Donovan, Janine Hutchinson, Peggy Sheagren, and Amy Robbins

Sarah will check into the logistics of getting a PTO Facebook page.

Celia will talk to the teachers to about their interest in getting a die cut machine. If there is an interest, Laite Odetola will be contacted to write a grant request.
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December 2014 PTO Board Meeting Minutes

Dicken PTO Meeting
December 4, 2014 – Jen Eyer’s House

7:25 pm – Called to Order

In Attendance: Amy Robbins, Mike Madison, Elizabeth Hood, Amy Drummond, Celia Gargaro, Bonnie Kerber, Jen Eyer, Lori Milliman, Adrienne Licata, Cindy Donovan, Rachel Egelhof

Guests: Maggie Kennel, Amy Nelson

Amy Robbins
– Baseball field graded
– Soup labels =15,000 points –Amy will forward catalog to Celia for review with staff.
– Winter walk 1/29 – lots of volunteers needed! Considering purchasing reusable tea lights instead of candles.
– Liz Bottai bought winter gear for family in need.
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November 2014 PTO Board Meeting Minutes

Dicken PTO Meeting – 11/6/2014
Adrienne Licata’s Home @ 7:00 p.m.

PTO Executive Board Members in Attendance: Amy Robbins, Amy Drummond, Sarah Raux, Ally Hartung, Elizabeth Hood, Adrienne Licata, Mike Madison, Cindy Donovan, Peggy Sheagren, Rachel Egelhof.

Meeting called to order 7:13 p.m.

Michelle Loewe (guest)
o Garden update – 100% participation by classroom. Some teachers letting students come out every week. New opt-out forms made it easier for teachers to take kids out.
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