Volunteer Job Descriptions


Be a part of the community that makes Dicken a great place for our children and families. Read on to find the volunteer opportunity that fits your interests and schedule! Questions? Contact Julie Morrison at morrisons@comcast.net.


Community Nights Out
WHO: One Coordinator
• Organizes fun nights out for Dicken families by working with local restaurants and other venues to offer special days where a percentage of proceeds will go to Dicken
• Advertises the nights out through the PTO email Blasts and/or Dicken Data.
• Works with participating restaurants/venues, the PTO Treasurer, and the PTO Fundraising Chair to receive and process funds.
WHEN: Every month or two during the school year Continue reading

Raise money for Dicken school the easy way

The Dicken PTO has several fundraisers through out the year. Some of these cost you nothing! The Grocery Scrip/EGGS and Great Lakes Scrip programs are two ways to help Dicken without spending any extra time or money. Box Tops and Labels for Education may be on the products you normally buy — please look at the list below and start collecting! … Continue reading

How to register your Kroger Card online

Register your Kroger Card online and earn Dicken FREE money (5% of your grocery bill!)

Step 1: Go to the Kroger Community Rewards site.
Step 2: Select your State
Step 3: Half way down the page is “ENROLL.” Click on it.
Step 4: Register yourself.
After clicking, “REGISTER”, you will need to choose your store.
Then you will be asked to input your email and create a password.
Step 5: Confirm your information.
Step 6: Go to your email and click on the link Kroger provides you in an email to confirm your information.
Step 7: After clicking on the link, you will be back at Kroger’s site. Click on “SIGN IN.”
Step 8: On the far right you will see KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS, click on “Edit Kroger Community Rewards Information.
Steps 9: Now you will be asked to input your 12-digit Kroger Plus card number.
Step 10: Confirm your address.
Step 11: Find your organization, Dicken Elementary.

You are done!
If you do not have a Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card, an application for one can be picked up at the store’s Customer Service desk. Next time you shop, please check your receipt. At the bottom it should say “Kroger Community Rewards. At your request Kroger is donating to DICKEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PTO.”