About this site

Welcome to the Dicken PTO website! This is the place to get news from the PTO, including upcoming events, budget updates and information about fundraisers, plus useful resources for parents and students, and other items of general interest.

But this isn’t just the PTO’s site; parents, students and teachers can contribute, too. If you have a useful resource, a fun idea, or some helpful advice to share with Dicken students and their families, just send us an email at dolphinsblast@gmail.com. Possible submissions might include:

  • Activities around town
  • Parenting resources
  • Student resources
  • Book recommendations
  • Photographs from school events

We may decline to publish material if it might be inappropriate for school-aged children, or if it isn’t relevant to the school community.

Come back often to see the latest news. Or click on the “Entries RSS” link in the top left corner to get new posts in your RSS reader.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback. Hope you enjoy the site!