November PTO meeting: Food pantry, Super Science Day, Garden grant

November 5, 2015

Attendees: Rachel Egelhof, Amy Drummond, Mike Madison, Elizabeth Hood, Amy Robbins, Adrienne Licata, Celia Gargaro, Bonnie Kerber, John Carlson, Cindy Donovan,

7:00-7:45 Food Pantry-Rachel Egelhof

Started with annual food drive to set up a food pantry in the teachers lounge. Food was delivered to families over the breaks.

Rachel spoke with Peace Neighborhood center that also gives Friday food donations. It is a bit far away for many of our families in the Dicken community. The goal is to start a biweekly food pantry for most at risk children and families.

Rachel will shop at the Food Gathers food pantry to bring food to the school. You can go and take items from Food Gathers and then bring it back. It is all free. She wants to operate out of the teacher’s lounge for set hours, maybe Friday afternoons.

She will also do an emergency pickup where families can come and get a bag of food that is not at the normal time. The goal is to have drop-in times for families that are in crisis. Principal Madison would like to have the PTO back this initiative as needed. Amy will approve $100 or less on an ongoing basis if needed.

Pick up for food will be discreet and at a set time. If a family is in need, please let Mike or Patti know.

7:45-8:00 Principal Report out

  • Thank you to the PTO for all work.
  • 337 is the official count of the school down from 354
  • Walk to school day was a success. Bussers walked from Mushroom park.
  • Recess gardeners and singers began.
  • Dicken Dash broke the record this year…$22,000 and 365 miles in one afternoon!
  • Field trips to gravel pit, farmers market, DTE, etc…have begun and thanks to the PTO for the $10,000 for fields trips.
  • Currently we use PBIS for discipline. Leader in Me is being looked at as a change in programs. Mike has written a grant for this initiative. Currently we are waiting to hear back.
  • Lawton wrote a grant through the leader in me corporation. This year the rules are changed and must be 50% free and reduced to get the grant for this program.
  • 3 fire drills have been completed.
  • Picture retakes have been completed.
  • PTO gave teachers dinner on October 28th and teachers were thankful. Thanks to Adrienne and Rebecca. Flu shots for teachers were also provided. November 10th from 4-7 is the next flu clinic time.
  • Halloween was successful and the weather held up for a great walk around the neighborhood. Note will be in the blast for donations of Halloween costumes for the school week of November 9th.
  • Draw your Destiny assembly is November 6th
  • November 23rd report cards
  • Winter Survival: Thomas Dec 2, Brahn/Miller Dec 18

Presidents report out 8-8:10

  • Spirit wear begins Nov 6-22 and will be back in time for Christmas.
  • PTO has Snowman initiative begins December 7th, and back by December 17th.
  • Super Science December 7th and 9th, Westminster church will help out with volunteers.
  • No school 11/25-27
  • Cookie exchange 12/16
  • President Elect-Amy Drummond
  • Spirit wear Shirts/sweatshirts by Lonnie Custom designs. Extra fundraiser for Spring.

Treasurer-Cindy Donovan

  • Caroline Herman got a $500 grant from IBM for the garden. She also got a great amount of items donated from Lowes.
  • Signed people up for Kroger and Bushes at Pumpkin Patch. We don’t have a lot of families signed up. Going to do a backpack mailer with exact directions on how to set this up.
  • Pumpkin Patch-$1184 made, after expenses, it is looking like around $1000
  • Suzanne Vu-we need more money to pay her. She is an employee of the district. We have a line item for her to pay for extra’s like conferences. She has been getting paid on her timecard for this time. She was paid through October 23rd.

Fundraising –John Carlson

  • Enrichment- Bonnie Kerber
  • November 13th Garden ends
  • Cleanup on November 14th

Hospitality-Adrienne Licata

  • Winter Walk January 26th/Backup date January 9th
  • Stream table-January (exact date to come)
  • Great job done at pumpkin patch-small amount more spent on pizza.
  • Mocha on January 4th is next event coming up.
  • WESO fair December 6, 2015

New Business

New Lunch carts-Stephanie Harris grant approved for lunch carts. Unanimous vote to approve.

PTO thrift shop-We get credit for communication going out to the whole school.

We can get $500 for hanging banner. $75 approved to buy banner.

Raffle tickets for car (January 2) all tickets sold we get money from.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm by Amy Robbins, second Elizabeth Hood.