October 2015 meeting: Garden update, budget passed

PTO Meeting 10/1/15

(Held at Carrie Klimkowicz’s House)

In attendance: Amy Robbins, Cindy Donovan, Amy Drummond, Carolyn Herrmann, Peggy Sheagren, Mike Madison, Lindsey Riedberger, Celia Gargaro, Janine Hutchinson, Carrie Klimkowicz, Rebecca Ankeney, Adrienne Licata, Maggie Kennel, John Carlson, Laite Odetola, Dana McPherren

                                                    Meeting minutes    

Meeting called to order at 7:10 by Amy Robbins President.

7:15-7:35 Garden with Carolyn Herrmann

  • First tasting today with 6 classrooms – went very well.
  • This month is classroom visits – 100% participation
  • This is Carolyn’s last year – perhaps Nikki Klein can take over
  • Takes dedication & patience
  • Should we have family plot adoptions?
  • Teachers are starting to plug in the garden for their curriculum
  • There is now an awesome garden website
  • Lowes gave us another donation – will build a teaching table
  • Amy R said the garden is beautiful
  • Mike thanks Carolyn for her time given on this huge project – “You’ve done a great job!”

7:35-7:41 Principal Report Out

  • Thanks again to Carolyn for everything she has done for the garden
  • Thanks to the Parents for the great turnout on Curriculum Night
  • 254 families out of 350 families participated
  • Amy & Board did a great job
  • Cindy was short & concise & easy to understand
  • Peggy & Bonnie – Shutta did a wonderful job & everyone loved her
  • Thanks to the PTO for the $10,000 grant for field trips – teachers are happy
  • Next Week:
  • Friday – Dicken Dash
  • Wednesday Intl Walk to School Day – talked to bus driver about dropping kids off at Mushroom Park
  • Wednesday – Count Day – Below head count, but that’s OK.
  • It’s a pleasure to be Principal 

7:41-8:11 – President Report Out

  • Peggy   – How are we with DD volunteers?
  • Low on corner capts
  • Low on tally tables
  • We need tablecloths, balloons & rubber bands
  • Thanks to Mike for schedule help
  • 16 cases of water donated
  • Thanks to Laite for getting the room parent info out
  • Mike & Amy had a meeting with Westminster Church – they would love to volunteer
  • Pumpkin Patch is October 30th
  • Laite& Janine will sell tickets
  • Smita has 8 volunteers to help with walk to school
  • Westminster – very interested in helping with ROAR, Super Science Day & Book Fairs
  • PTO Pantry – Teachers ecstatic
  • List of stuff needed
  • Patti keeper of pantry stuff
  • Auction – consensus is bowling – Maggi will get info

Report outs 8:12-

President Elect-no


  • Went over budget – Total Income $37200.00, Expense $39295.00 Less than previous budgets
  • Dash Goal – $15000.00
  • Auction Goal – $12000.00
  • Budget passed – Janine moved, Adrienne seconded
  • Spirit Wear – Lindsey will do with Cindy’s help
  • Sell Used – Spirit Wear, WESO, Recess Singers
  • Used Book Sale & Used Spirit Wear – TOGETHER! Amy D. OK’d

Treasurer elect-no




Room Parent-no


  • Shutta Crum-she did the event for free – she was awesome – teacher’s loved her
  • Draw You Destiny – Dwayne Able – December
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Stream Table – January


  • Hard time finding time making copies of The Blast
  • Adrienne will take this over


  • Pumpkin Patch food?
  • Look into food for teachers Oct 28th – parent/teacher conferences – boxed dinners? $200-$250

Dicken/Slauson liaison-no

PTOC/PTO Thrift Shop/CNO-

  • October 19th – Launch Party
  • Training Classes w/ PTOC coming up
  • Ann Farham – $$$$$$$ for Thrift Shop Ads – place in Blast all the time & add Ann to email list

Teacher Liaison-


Stephanie Harris Grant for Teachers-

  • New lunch carts for teachers
  • Amy D. moved
  • Janine seconded

Cindy Donovan called to adjourn meeting, Janine Hutchinson seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 9:06.