August 2015 minutes: New members, important dates set

PTO Meeting 8/30/15

In attendance: Amy Robbins, Cindy Donovan, Amy Drummond, Elizabeth Hood, Peggy Sheagren, Mike Madison, Lori Milliman, Lindsey Riedberger, Celia Gargaro, Janine Hutchinson, Carrie Klimkowicz, Amy Nelson, Jen Eyer, and Rebecca Ankeney.

Meeting minutes    

Meeting called to order at 5:27 by Amy Robbins President.

5:27-5:46 Introductions of members

All in attendance filled out contact information for communication throughout the year.

5:46-6:00 Principal Report Out

All staff are returning with Jessica Posey moving to 2nd grade and Ms. Harris moving to Kindergarten.

Budget similar to last year, looking for help from the PTO for teachers for this year.

Patty and Pam still in the office. Visitors will need to be buzzed in and there will be a camera by the front door. The system will begin around 9 am.

New school time is 8:53-3:59.

Class placements will be sent out via email on Tuesday September 2nd.

Infosnap is the new registration system. All families must go in and register and should print out and return the paperwork.

New immunization law, all waivers must be completed with Washtenaw county.

355 students currently enrolled, only 5 less than last September.

District rolled out new model, focusing on CARE and how staff will care for the children this year.

6:00-7:17 Fundraising

Do we want to send out a flyer talking about just giving donations?


How can we get more people to the auction? Do we want to continue with the auction?

Amy Robbins talked about if the auction is fading out or if we need to revise our fundraising initiatives?

Amy Nelson commented that the auction committee in the past has put in a great deal of work.

Rebecca Ankeney gave the perspective from younger grade parents, and the fact that we might need to have better marketing for the event.

In the past the Auction has been advertised on the Dicken blast, room parents, back pack mail, email, facebook etc…The discussion shifted to if we want to keep the Auction as a fundraiser?

TENTATIVE DATE for Silent Auction Fundraiser March 12, 2016.

Should the name of the silent auction be changed to tailgate? Should it be done every other year?

Idea thrown out that a way to encourage auction participation would be to have a committee member required from each classroom. The auction has been removed from the time and talent.


Time and talent should be sent out for Fall and then again for the Spring.

I would like to volunteer, and I will expect an email for participation.

Time and Talent surveys will go out in the first day packet and the return date is 9/15/15.

Carrie Klimkowicz will come to the office and pick up the time and talent forms by 9/15/15 and compile the results prior to curriculum night so that we can request volunteers/room parents for

Allyson Hartung will give Carrie Klimkowicz the online time and talent form.

Key Volunteer needed for WESO, this needs to be added to the time and talent form. Also needed is a co-coach for WESO for when Nick retires.


Chair person needed.

Underground printing?

Sunrise is a local company that has online ordering.

Donation box at the school for Spirit Wear at the pumpkin patch.

Could the children purchase used spirit wear at the pumpkin patch or other functions with tickets?




Amy Drummond-March

Usually done the night of the author visit and the day after.


We used to have Thanksgiving potluck, this will no longer be chaired by the same family.

Mary Janevic, possibly do a community of cultures event in November (19th) instead of the potluck in the evening.

Celia liked that the week prior to community of cultures was learning about cultures.

Amy is going to talk to Mary about what would be the best date for community cultures event.

Community night out might replace the community of cultures event.

December 16th Holiday cookie exchange/Treats for Staff

Janine Hutchinson will be in charge of this program.


12/7/15-12/16/15 the snowmen will be placed available for pickup and donations will need to be returned to the office.

ICE CREAM SOCIAL-Amy Drummond chair

June 1, 2016


May 2-6th

Teacher Luncheon Wednesday May 4, 2016

Mocha with Mike on 5/2/16


Not included in the time and talent, will be in the blast.

Cindy Donovan would like help for EGGS, include on time and talent.

Janine Hutchinson would like to add original artworks to the time and talent survey. She would like a co-chair for this fundraiser.

Janine will do grades 3,4,5 and Amy Drummond will do Young 5’s, KG,1,2 for collection of money and order forms. No need to add to time and talent this year.



September 14th Kickoff

Closing ceremony October 23rd.

Proud to be an American.

$500 given to charity.

VA hospital will be the charity for the donation.

CURRICULUM NIGHT-Mocha available for parents.

PUMPKIN PATCH-October 30th 6-8

Community night out will be every month, may not always be at a restaurant, but will be some type of family event each month.

Ideas: Noodle and company, five guys, cottage inn, big boy,Baskin Robbins in the winter months, potbelly, Holidays??

November, January, April, and May

7:17-7:36 Budget

Cindy Donovan gave a report out of the line items and changes to the budget.

Budget is normally negative in the beginning, but by the end of the year we are usually caught up.

Box Tops $1200

EGGS-missed opportunity. Table at the pumpkin patch etc…for people to sign up for Kroger cards etc…

Community night out $750

Ice Cream Social-revenue should be more this year due to buying all new games last year.

Original works-$0 (proceeds go to art room)

Silent Auction $12,000

Spirit Wear $500

Used Book sale $350

Field day upped amount- $1300

In School performances upped to $4000

Suzanne Vu will return in October and has budget line

Snacks at the annual meet and greet. Water for sure needed.

Report outs 7:40-8:10

President Elect-no


Treasurer elect-no




Room Parent-no


Shutta Crum-author coming in September

Dwayne Abel-November 6th

Communications-Jen Eyer has been researching new email systems. Honed in on Benchmark. We should be able to quality for free service, or if not $10 per month for the weekly blast and it also has some cool survey tools. District is looking for more social media. Twitter and facebook accounts should be monitored by staff.

Aaron Dummond will do the 2015-2016 school directory


Dicken/Slauson liaison-no


Teacher Liaison-Will ask teachers about the supply closets.

Dicken Data editor needed.

Meet and Greet packet stuffing:

Thursday September 3, 2015 10-12

Amy Robbins

Amy Drummond

Bonnie Kerber

Laite Odetola

Amy Nelson

September Meeting

First Thursdays of the month 7-9

No meeting in September

Curriculum night is an all school meeting

October 1st will be first school year meeting at Carrie Klimkowicz’s house

Welcome display case-Amy Robbins will complete

Amy Drummond called to adjourn meeting, Cindy Donovan second.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15.