January 2015 PTO Board Meeting Minutes

January 15th Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:02pm.

In attendance: Sarah Roux, Celia Gargaro, Elizabeth Hood, Amy Drummond, Mike Madison, Cindy Donovan, Janine Hutchinson, Peggy Sheagren, and Amy Robbins

Sarah will check into the logistics of getting a PTO Facebook page.

Celia will talk to the teachers to about their interest in getting a die cut machine. If there is an interest, Laite Odetola will be contacted to write a grant request.

President’s Report:

Winter Walk is getting volunteers. Table placement was figured out. A request to Tawana will need to be placed the week of for set up in the MPR. Theresa will figure out the walking route. Amy R. will email volunteers the Monday before the Walk. Ally arranged for Biggby to provide cocoa. Amy D. looked into getting cookies from Sam’s Club (48 hours notice for 84 cookies at $22/plate); however, we decided to have Ally purchase 500-700 cookies (nut free), rice krispies treats (nut safe), and fruit roll-ups (gluten free) all from Costco.

NAAPID (2/9): Ally secured Bearclaw for breakfast. Adrienne will get 100 donut holes from Washtenaw Dairy and clementines. Maybe Nutri-grain bars and juice too? Tito Sompa and his troop will perform for $850. We also need to provide drinks (water, tea, lemonade) and dessert (cookies, brownie bites, or cupcakes) for the luncheon paid by Mike from the SIT budget.

Third/Fourth Grade Movie Night was moved to February 6th. Student Council (Posey and Vu) will host a G-rated movie (Up!). Elizabeth will send them an email with logistics. Is 5th grade interested in their own movie night? Elizabeth will follow up.

Janine Hutchinson volunteered to take over Original Artworks from Faith Frazine. Theresa has already begun work on this. Thanks, Janine!!

Mary Janevic is (1) unable to chair Community of Cultures without a co-chair this year. None of the volunteers from the Time and Talent Survey were able to help with this. There will be no C of C this year. She also questioned (2) ROAR chairing and start-up. The same was true. Many indicated an interest but no one would commit to the program. Mary will (3) talk to her students and try to get someone to provide Spanish translation for the a mid-week Blast each week☺ Thank you, Mary!

Discussion ensued regarding providing t-shirts for Kindergarten Round-up (2/24). It was decided that the t-shirts would wait for those students who actually enroll in Dicken and be distributed at the Meet and Greet. Celia added that giving them this early would defeat the purpose as they would get lost, dirty, etc., before the first day of school.

Communications: If there is something critical that we need disseminated to all parents, we can ask the teacher to put it in their weekly newsletters.

Mike: (1) The School Improvement Team would like PTO input on how to get parents more involved in their children’s education. He reviewed a questionnaire that will go out to parents to gauge interest in having a parent workshop. This could be put on by teachers if it’s in the evening or by other professionals if best response was during the day. (2) He also presented the Alternative Language Program (ALP). There is a state mandated survey to make sure that this group of kids doesn’t get lost in the system. The survey is filled out in part by the ELL teacher, by staff (gen ed), special ed teachers, ALT, school improvement plan, principle, PTO, etc. PTO added items to the list to show how the PTO can help make these families part of the Dicken Community. (3) All grades are open for next year.

Family Reading Night: Ryan Kennel will chair. Bonnie will work on it too. There will be an assembly during the day and family reading night in the evening. We could possibly use the author for a performance during school and at night? Used book sale (Amy D. chair) is the same day and evening. END OF MARCH is highly encouraged. Amy D. will connect with Bonnie and start to send out emails.

Ice Cream Social: (Amy D. Chair) Should we sell used Dicken Spirit Wear T-Shirts?

Cindy – (1) Presented options to split the bank account into multiple accounts so some of the monies can be earning interest, e.g., business money market account. We can put $10,000 into a CD with “new money” (from the auction) and get interest at 1.00%. Positive response to this. (2) Is PTO Today our insurance company—yes.

Rachael – pass.

Jen (by proxy)– Facebook page. How do we get people to read the Blast? Suggested to get various PTO people to send it so it’s not coming from “PTO” and tag lines. Sarah suggested breaking it up and having a calendar blast on Monday and then other info later in the week.

Ally – Ferry and Sherry can help with childcare at Round-up. Also Justin Harper may be able to help. We will pay them $25 each and need to have cash or checks to give them that night.

Elizabeth – pass

Peggy – Jan is good with assemblies. WESO and MLK.
Feb – Tito
March – Reading night
April 17th – Freshman dance company
May – Talent show at the end of the month. Possibly an
additional assembly earlier in the month?

Sarah – pass

Lori (via Amy R) – 5th grade to-be 6th grade Family Fun Night at Slauson 6-8pm. March 13th.

Janine (guest speaker) – MABLES LABELS – fundraiser for Dicken. Peel and stick, dishwaher safe, washing machine safe, very easy. Order online. 20% goes to Dicken. Benefits kids and school so less items get lost. As soon as you get the order in you get your items shipped to you. There is no shipment to the school. FREE SHIPPING.

New Business: We need to decide if we are returning to or recruiting people for next year’s board. Talk to friends. Getting kindergarten or first grade parents would be a benefit.

Grant – Toys for indoor recess–$209 requested, $400 approved, as there have been A LOT of indoor recesses. Motion – Elizabeth; Second-Amy D. Quorum with 2 votes by proxy.

December minutes accepted – Motion – Cindy; Second –Amy R.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07.