November 2014 PTO Board Meeting Minutes

Dicken PTO Meeting – 11/6/2014
Adrienne Licata’s Home @ 7:00 p.m.

PTO Executive Board Members in Attendance: Amy Robbins, Amy Drummond, Sarah Raux, Ally Hartung, Elizabeth Hood, Adrienne Licata, Mike Madison, Cindy Donovan, Peggy Sheagren, Rachel Egelhof.

Meeting called to order 7:13 p.m.

Michelle Loewe (guest)
o Garden update – 100% participation by classroom. Some teachers letting students come out every week. New opt-out forms made it easier for teachers to take kids out.

o Asked last year for operating budget of $500 & noted that they would be asking for additional $ for the shed this year. PTO used operating budget toward shed & not being used for basics. Also need to put back money from butterfly project toward plants & not toward shed. Cindy & Amy R will review budget and reallocate if necessary.
o Would like to grow Butterfly garden for 2nd graders to go along with curriculum. 3rd graders use for habitat curriculum.
o Need to separate recess garden program from other garden work.
o Would like to have community of cultures garden.
o PTO’s blessing on expanding garden? Michelle & Carolyn gone in 1 or 2 yrs – looking for volunteers to take over.
o Michelle & Carolyn would like for teachers to eventually be able to lead learning in the garden.
o Celia – appreciate the PTO!
o Oct – A2 water treatment, Dash, reward assembly, NWEA wrap up, Comerica, Red Cross Veterans’ assembly, fire drill, garden classes, DTE presentation, Argus plant, motion science, gravel pit, pumpkin patch, community night out, picture retakes, Jim jones, mocha, spirit wear, directory.
o Feedback for new photography company – Better lighting?
Amy R
o Y5 – family move night 11/14. Movie? Drinks & popcorn offered.
o Potluck – PTO provide desserts – each PTO person send nut free dessert.
o Pto mtg Dec 4 – Jen Eyer’s.
o Student council to host Jan movie night?
o Lena Community night out – Dec.
o Baseball field grading estimate. $7000. Look into private grading.
o Patti – Would like to consider Peace Neighborhood fundraiser.
o Grant – Liz & Celia & Brogno. 16 sets of headphones. $180. Amy R – motion; Elizabeth – Second; motion carried.
o Vollmer – rugs for room. Farm country road – $105, 3 signs $75, snakes & ladders $95. Total $275. Amy R – motion; Rachel -second; motion passed.
o Color printer $465 or $548. Elizabeth to look at renting from Lanier. Amy R- motion; Amy D -second; motion passed for $548 for copier unless changes to rental.
o No president elect – need to reach out to possibilities.
o Pumpkin Patch – no profit.
o Dash – $19,485. Woo hoo!
o Facility improvements – money went to popcorn machine & cubbies, flags.
o Provide coats for kids with no coats? Liz Bottai contact. Target coats & snow pants – vote $250. Amy R – motion; Rachel -second; motion passed.
o Extend spirit wear until 14th.
o Option to offer staff & PTO fleece with Dicken embroidery?
o Basketball Jones. Promised a bball to a student for good behavior.
o Jan – jazz musician.
o Tito Samba Feb 9th for NAAPID
o Maggie reading night?
o April 16th–U of M dance.
o May no assembly?
o Gardeners ends next week.
o Need volunteers for recyclers.
9:16pm Meeting adjourned.