October 2014 PTO Meeting Minutes

Dicken PTO Meeting – 10/2/2014
1711 Scio Ridge Road @ 7:00 p.m.

PTO Executive Board Members in Attendance: Amy Robbins, Bonnie Kerber, Ally Hartung, Elizabeth Hood, Celia Gargaro, Adrienne Licata, Jen Eyer, Mike Madison, Cindy Donovan, Peggy Sheagren, Rachel Egelhof.

Meeting called to order 7:10 p.m.

Mike Madison
o Good job Cindy Donovan on budget presentation during curriculum night.
o Thank Nathalie Ruelle for picture day assistance; Retakes Nov 5th.
o No school Nov 4th for Election Day.
o Count day – 19-Y5, 50K, 48-1st, 51-2nd, 50-3rd, 65-4th, 71-5th.
o New custodian today – new company
o Dragging lunch carts has scratched school floor. Looking into carts with wheels, especially for younger grades.

Amy Robbins
o Banking day 1st Thurs of each month.
o Calendar review.
o Pumpkin Patch committee – 3 volunteers to work money for 1st half hour. Cindy, Rachel & Jen volunteered.
• Costume Contest, musical chairs, cake walk & cake decorating
• Need 8th graders to work games, house, etc.
• Spirit Wear the end of Oct
o Nov 6th mocha
o Family movie nights in Nov- Y5s and Kindergarten: 11/14@ 6:30-8? Elizabeth H. will email teachers.
o Buying a popcorn popper for PTO.
o Super Science Day has no date yet – typically month before WESO.
o Teacher stipends – propose teacher stipends to teachers at the end of year & to ancillary staff at the beginning of the fall.
o Submit change to bylaws about budget approval at Sept meeting.
o Hold PTO meeting in Sept in years to come – lots of ground to cover.
o PTO bulletin board for use? Bonnie will give it a face-lift it.
o Adrienne to copy Blast each Monday for Sarah.
o Rachel to look up soccer goal pads.
o Practice ball field graded.
o Lots of parent interest in ROAR – no chair yet.

Report outs

o Eggs – Kroger, Arbor Farms & Busch’s.
o Jean Reynolds made classroom flags/ Patrick Lyons installed them
o Shed + $274 for roofing. Scheduled install 10/9 @ 9:00 am.
o Old Spirit Wear – used t-shirt sale w/ used book sale?
o Last year school pics – could order photos online or put child’s name on photos.
o Request for ads for Directory – Bonnie will add to Dicken neighborhood site
o Volunteers for Eggs or Community nights out? Jen will contact.
o Pass
o Room parent positions are filled. Having trouble getting emails. Need better way to provide email lists to volunteer parents.
o Oct 13th @ 2:45 Red Cross Veterans Service cards – finish on Halloween party.
o No sugar, no candy for Halloween classroom parties.
Bonnie/ Peggy
o Recess Recycling w/ Mr. Harper – begins Oct 20th on Mondays.
o Recess Players – Bethany is currently the only volunteer – hoping for mid-October start date.
o Recess Singers – run their own show. Hoping to start mid-October.
o Dash updates – 4% surcharge coming thru for paypal? Rachel taking class photos.
o Nov 5th Jim Basketball Jones – anti bullying.
o Change Community of Cultures to December to include holiday diversity?
o Picnic- got check from Ray’s $75. Were missing third employee that was promised.
Amy D (via Amy R)
o Invited everyone to PTOC launch party – October 20, 2014 at Haisley Elementary from 6:30 to 9pm.
o Training sessions from the New Center – Oct. 14 (Tues) Officer & Leadership Training Oct. 15 (Wed) Treasurer Training. Both are from 6:30 to 8pm at The Balas Administration Building conference room. Your dues entitles your PTO to one free training. Additional attendees may pay the fee of $25 each + $10 for the Take-home packet. Dues may be paid at the trainings or Pay Your Dues Ahead of Time.
o Great Idea Grants – The Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of up to $80,000 in funding through our Great Idea Grants. Teachers are eligible to receive $1,000-$5,000 towards a project or program that encourages innovative teaching and enhances the classroom experience. Also, we’ve simplified our grant process so that teachers can, through one application, apply for grants from multiple funds (Karen Thomas, Robin Wax, Madeleine Thompson, Eleanora Bihler Dahlmann). We’ve created a Grant Information Sheet on requirements and guidelines that should answer any questions. It is posted online along with the Grant Application:http://aapsef.org/grants/great-idea-grants/ We strongly encourage applicants to carefully review both documents. Completed applications and inquiries can be directed to grantapps@aapsef.org by Thursday, October 16th at 4:00PM. Applications will only be received via email. Hand-written, hand-delivered, or late applications will not be accepted.
o Teachers are well-stocked & feeling well supported.
o Vu – $1,500 for ELL – passed unanimously.
o Brogno – $1,500 for Y5 cubbies – passed unanimously.
o Mary custodian – asked for tables from Costco – $500. – passed unanimously.
o Popcorn popper for PTO – passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn by Rachel Egelhof at 8:50 p.m. Motion seconded by Jen Eyer. Meeting adjourned.