August 2014 PTO Board Meeting Minutes

Dicken PTO Meeting – 8/24/2014
6:00 pm at Amy Robbins’ home.

PTO Executive Board Members in Attendance: Amy Robbins, Adrienne Licata, Cindy Donovan, Elizabeth Hood, Amy Drummond, Sarah Raux, Celia Gargaro, Rachel Egelhof, Jen Eyer, Mike Madison,

Guests: Carolyn Herrmann, Kirstin Queen

Meeting called to order: 6:10 pm.

Amy Robbins
– The Board will use Google Sites to house all relevant documents. Jen Eyer moved all documents from last year to Sites (from Drive). All members were given access to Sites.
Carolyn Hermann (Dicken Garden)
– Shed has been delivered. Hold on installation – Contractors won’t do an atypical install (shingles are not standard in order to preserve rainfall without chemicals from standard shingles). Now talking to other subcontractors to see if anyone else will do the install.
– Mandi Wise is designing PLANT logo.
– Garden committee will be looking to do permanent fencing in the spring & Richard Moscatto will be checking into pricing. Amy Robbins indicated that the line item for the garden has been increased to $500 for supplies & fencing will likely require another mini grant.

Kirstin Queen (Dicken Dash)
– 3rd year of Dash & largest monetary PTO fundraiser last year at $19K.
– Date for kickoff assembly on 9/12; Dicken Dash on 10/6; Final $$ collection on 10/17; Closing ceremony on 10/24.
– Committee would like to make a token donation to Mott (“Mott helps our kids get & stay healthy”) in the amount of 5% of proceeds, capped at $500.
– Will be using off-cadence Blasts again & Paypal for donations.
– Would like to use front display case 9/12 through 10/17.
Mike Madison
– Building work- hallways & MPR painted, outer doors replaced, hallways retiled & trimmed! Jean Reynolds is making new banners for classroom doors.
– 357 students
o New Staff – ESL, Media Specialist, 5th grade Music, Language Arts, Resource Room, Speech, Social Worker.
– Meet & greet Thursday 4:30-5:30 pm– families can find out teacher assignments there or they will be mailed home on Thursday.
Rachel Egelhof
– Pass.
Cindy Donovan
– Request to purchase upgrade to QuickBooks – $50 approved by Amy Robbins.
– Shared proposed budget; Added Pumpkin Patch to PTO from 5th grade (suggested that various groups can take a turn for hosting movie night & using $$$ for their own activities – Elizabeth will coordinate through room parent duties). Upped line item for WESO; Increased line item for staff luncheon; Increased line item for garden; Added line item for healthy student snacks; Added facility improvement & playground equipment (helping to use surplus) line item.
– Starting with negative balance, but have a cushion and may get extra $$ from Dash.
– Cindy giving up Spirit Wear – option for adding Garden (PLANT) logo – Jen Eyer will add to (T&T).
Sarah Raux
– Meeting with Rob tomorrow to learn PowerSchool. Amy Robbins asked about changing the subject line to prioritize most current events.
Celia Gargaro
– Seeing her daughter off to college tomorrow @ Tufts. Congratulations Celia!!!
– Staff NOT interested in lounge renovation.
Jen Eyer
– Need to deal with Community Nights Out (T&T). Have chairs for Dash & Auction.
Elizabeth Hood
– Amy Robbins will get list of movie nights to Elizabeth. Would like First Day Packet documents back by 12th.
Adrienne Licata
– Goldfish, bottled water, fresh fruit, assorted snacks for Meet & Greet.
– Ally Hartung to contact Bearclaw for 1st day Mocha. Adrienne will take care of snacks.
– Curriculum night – just drinks.
– Will start planning for Picnic & contact Kevin Lawson.
Amy Drummond
– Pass. Will take over as Thrift Shop Liaison & Mike to e-mail service squad & safety patrol for fundraising for their groups/ posters.

Time & Talent
– Leave ROAR on time & talent & revisit next year.
Curriculum Night
– 9/9/2014:
o 6:00-6:30 pm K-2
o 6:35-7:00 pm Welcome, staff intro & PTO mtg
o 7:05-7:35pm 3-5
Next PTO Meeting
– 1st Thursday of each month.
– Curriculum Night – 9/9/14.
– October 2nd, 7-9pm @ Rachel Egelhof’s house.

Cindy D – motion to adjourn. Elizabeth H – second. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 8:33 pm.