June 2014 PTO Board Meeting Minutes

PTO General Meeting Agenda
May 29th, 7:00 p.m.
(Lori Milliman’s house)

In Attendance: Lori Milliman, Maggi Kennel, Rachel Francisco, Celia Gargaro, Mike Madison, Allyson Hartung, Mandi Wise, Adrienne Licata, Sara Raux, Jen Eyre, Cindy Donovan, Amy Nelson, Peggy Shegran, Bonnie Kerber, Amy Robbins, Elizabeth Hood and Kristy Bacjz.

Welcome Kennel/Francisco
• Introductions

Introduce members new and old.
Sarah Rue-communications take over for Rob.
Mandi and Ally Hartung are new volunteer coord.
Elizabeth Hood -room parent coord.
Carl Fulton is also pres elect AND fundraiser coord w Jen Eyer.
New PTOC elect -Amy Drummond. Nessa was old PTOC elect.
Treasure elect position is open.

• Approval of May Minutes
Motion to approve minutes was Peggy. Lori Second. All approved.

Presidents’ Report Kennel/Francisco
• Mini grants:
Ice cream truck approved with 1st mini grant for kickball game between 5th grade and teachers.

Grant for storage shed to access tools for gardening. The garden wants money for a shed, but this is being tabled until we know about the district regulations. Jeanie will be happy to donate the plastic bin and get a lock for it for the interim if that is desired, someone can email her. Some members feel that the garden is such an asset that whatever Michele and Carolyn want should be approved.
*Vote to approve $1500 total for the shed. If more money is needed for a concrete slab, the PTO will vote via a Survey Monkey. $1,000 is coming from the PTO and the rest comes from her fund. A member voiced concern that we should invest in the garden and make sure they have what they need, considering our budget surplus and the benefit to learning that the garden brings to the school.
Jen Moved to approve, Mandi seconded.

The School Social Worker wants to bring in an author, Kwame Nyong’o. This was approved. Peggy moved and Bonnie seconded. All approved.
It will be June 9 at 1:30pm. “A Tasty Maandazi” is the book.

Principal’s Report Mike Madison
Ms. Brogno will teach young 5s
There will be 3 Kindergartens next year: Gargaro, Vollmer and a new teacher
Maus and Mendoza will teach first grade
Murphy and a new teacher will teach second
Hane and Rossi third
Bahr, Michaelson and Possey fourth
Miller, Brann and Thomas fifth.

The remaining Principal’s report is below with the calendar.

Report Outs
– President-Elect Amy Robbins
– Treasurer Amy Nelson
Teacher stipends need to be given out. Every full time teacher gets $200 on a gift card, with part time staff getting his or her percentage. Mike would like these cards by June 13 if possible. Amy Nelson moved to approve stipends, Allyson seconded and all approved.

It was mentioned that there could be more marketing paraphernalia, like stickers for cars, pencils handed out, bags etc. A member shared that money spent on making the grounds more lovely might be better spent.
– Treasurer-Elect Cindy Donovan
Spirit wear is coming up. This has been very well organized and successful.

There was discussion to get no idling signs to post in the parking lot area.

There was discussion on sprucing up the teacher’s lounge. There was also the idea of making it a source for supplies and needs students might have like clothing and food to bring home. It seems teachers might appreciate this. The PTO closet has had a continuing organization by Maggi and others. There are many supplies to be used.

– Communications Coord. Rob Frazine
– Room Parent Coord. Nancy Drabek
– Volunteer Coord. Jen Eyer/Lori Milliman
– PTOC Representative Nesa Malcheff
– Fundraising Coord. Open
There was discussion that the auction should be held on March 7, 2015.
– Enrichment Coord. Bonnie Kerber/Peggy Sheagren
Assemblies are planned for September and October. On September 8 there will be a Dome of Learning with an opportunity for students to enjoy science observations.

The recess enrichment is wrapping up.
– Dicken/Slauson Representative Open
– Hospitality Allyson Hartung
There is a coffee on the last day of school 6/13. Ally is going to contact Bearclaw.
– Secretary Jeanie Wilson
– Teacher Representative Celia Gargaro

Upcoming Events

• May 30th Talent Show 1-3
• June 2nd Field Day
• June 4th Youth Bank Day/Mocha??
• June 5th Ice Cream Social, 6-8 pm
• June 11th 5th Grade Promotion, 6-7 pm
• June 11th 5th Grade Party, 7-8 pm
• June ? Phillipines School Supply Project
• June 13th Bearclaw Coffee 8:30 am

Final Notes:
The electronic directory was sent out.
Ay initiatives can be sent to Allyson for time and talent.
The Dicken Dash is being organized. Sponsors are being contacted.

Adjourn- Kristy moved we adjourn, Bonnie seconded. We adjourned at 9:15pm.