May 2014 PTO Board Meeting Minutes

PTO General Meeting Minutes
May 6, 2014, 7:00 p.m.
(The Nelson’s House)

Meeting called to order 7:14pm
Present: Amy Nelson, Kristi, Janine Hutchinson, Rachel Egelhoff, Adrienne Licata, Cindy Donovan, Mike Madison, Celia Gargaro, Peggy Shegran, Carolyn, Rachel Francisco, Jen Eyer, Lori Milliman, Nancy Drebek, Bonnie Kerber, Maggi Kennel, Jeanie Wilson and Karl.

Welcome Rachel Francisco/ Maggi Kennel
• Approval of April Minutes
Minutes approved. Cindy Moved, Peggy seconded. All approved.

Kristi- Proposal from Girl scouts: They are looking at waste at Dicken. They are interested in composting lunch leftovers at Dicken. They have bought a bin. They will do this on Wednesdays and put the cart on Thursdays. This will be stored with trash bins. Using buckets to bring out the food and rinsing them out will keep insects at bay. Jeanie will bring in some buckets. Doing this with kids not missing class. This will just be the 4th and 5th grade lunches. All food will be included.

Carolyn- Reported that the garden work day was a great success. It seems there are less helpers in the Fall than the Spring generally. There were about 20 people. There is a lot of teacher involvement and themed gardens. Mr. Madison’s connection has helped bring in chips and they are working on making a classroom area. She is hoping to find a chalkboard/slate for the classroom space. They are hoping from some donations from Lowes as well.

Karl- Ice Cream Social! The DJ is confirmed. Mr. Madison will have the table for this near an outlet. There will be 2 bounce houses. Phil from Ray’s Red Hots will be providing the food and giving us 10% back. Anyone on the board that needs a sample will be allowed one. Yum. There will also be Potbelly’s. The ice cream will be provided by Cold Stone Creamery. We do not need to serve the ice cream. They will also provide toppings. There will be a sorbet for dairy sensitive kiddos. Kohls will provide volunteers for games and give us $500 that we will use to subsidize the ice cream. We can invest in some new games. A budget of about $1,000 is a good ballpark. Check in with Maggi and Amy for ideas and bouncing ideas around. He will be checking in with police, fire and EMS to get them there. We can give kids tickets to take home. Every child should get to play a couple games and an ice cream. Teachers can be given extra tickets to give to kids they see that might need some extra fun. We can have more people selling tickets, like 4. We can have pre-sales as well. Sending in orders the Friday before would be good. We can have a lot of games. Quality and Quantity! June 5…so exciting!

New Board Slate
2014 PTO Slate- Maggi read the slate. Jeanie Wilson moved to approve. Adrienne seconded.

Presidents’ Report Rachel Francisco/ Maggi Kennel
Maggi went over the schedule and reported that the community of cultures night was awesome. There were 250 people.

Principal’s Report Mike Madison
A very professional message about honoring the wishes of a grieving family at our school was sent out today. As a PTO we are going to support Mike in the discretion about not talking about the situation in a way that could be hurtful. Maggi will organize any support that will be requested. We are going to work to honor the need to keep Kira happy. If there are people that are having a hard time we can advise Mike so he can get people the help they might need.

Report Outs
– President-Elect Open
– Treasurer Amy Nelson
We will reimburse someone that asks and turns in receipts. If we pay for something we should get it back. We might want to have a line item for WESO coaches. $1,000 seems like a reasonable. Maggi will check with other schools to see what they spend.
There are 5 budgets printed.
We need to pick which date we want for the auction next year. March 14th is suggested. We need to get stipend cards together for next month.
The fifth grade fund will be treated differently. They will be absorbed by the PTO.
They have made requests for money for rulers. We approved this.
They also want money for planners. We approved this.
They want $80 for medals.
– Treasurer-Elect Cindy Donovan
– Communications Coord. Rob Frazine/Adrienne Licata
Rob is having surgery tomorrow. Happy thoughts for him.
– Room Parent Coord. Nancy Drabek
– Volunteer Coord. Jen Eyer/Lori Milliman
– PTOC Representative Nesa Malcheff
– Enrichment Coord. Peggy Sheagren/Bonnie Kerber
Ella Mentry will be performing tomorrow. Critical Thinking in drama. Trying to decide if The NED show in September about not giving up is a good idea except too much selling. We are going to say no to this. Recess activities are busy and gardeners.
– Dicken/Slauson Representative Open
– Hospitality Allyson Hartung
Mochas with Mike tomorrow.
– Secretary Jeanie Wilson
– Teacher Representative Celia Gargaro

Upcoming Events

May 5th – 9th Teacher Appreciation Week/Luncheon May 9th
May 7th Performance Network/ Film class screening
May 10th WESO competition
May 15th 5th Grade Instrumental Concert 10-11 am; 7-8 pm
May 18th Community Night Out – Pizza House
May 19th Used book Sale/ WESO Pizza Party
May 22nd K music concert – 6:30 pm
May 22nd 5th grade music concert – 7:15
May 29th Slauson 8th grade choir/Year end PTO meeting, Milliman’s house
May 30th Talent Show, Dicken MPR, 1:30 pm (Recess Singers YE Performance) Auditions 2 weeks before( Mike will talk to Jen Brogno)

June 3rd 1st grade music performance – 7 pm
June 2nd??? Field Day / Popsicle Party, all day/ PBIS All-school Celebration
June 4th 2nd grade performance – 7 pm
June 4th Youth Bank Day
June 5th Ice Cream Social, 6-8 pm
June 11th 5th Grade Promotion, 7-8pm
June 11th 5th Grade Party, 8-9pm
June 13th Bearclaw Coffee 8:30 am

Action Items
Happy Birthday Amy Nelson
Cindy moved, Nancy seconded and we adjourned at 9:26pm