April 2014 PTO Board Meeting Minutes

April PTO Meeting

Dicken Media Center. Meeting called to order at 7:20pm.

Nesa Malcheff, Lori Milliman, Amy Nelson, Cindy Donovan, Jen Eyer

Welcome – Francisco/Kennel

• Approval of March Minutes

Amendment 1: Mr. Hudson will move the second grade concert to Wednesday, June 4, and the Ice Cream  Social will be June 5.

Amendment 2: We approved $250 for the library for book purchases.

Minutes approved with amendment.

Nesa moved to approve. Lori Seconded. All Approved.


• Mini Grant to review: Michele would like to buy compost to fill the garden beds. The grant is for 15 yards of compost and some tools. This will cost $400.

Jen moved to approve, Cindy seconded. Approved.

Elections – Francisco/Kennel

Cindy will be treasurer.

Adrian Licata is coming back for communications.

Lori will be the Dicken/Slauson Liaison

Peggy and Bonnie will be returning as well

Celia will also return.

• 2013-14 Executive Board Elections- we will vote at the next meeting

Presidents’ Report Francisco/Kennel

Principal’s Report Mike Madison: $10.7 million gap. We will be bridging the gap with new programs to attract families and therefore revenue. They will lease some land and streamline Balas. There is a lot of optimism about this.

There will be improvements made to the building with paint, doors etc.

Report Outs

– President-Elect: We need a President.

– Treasurer Amy Nelson: We made about $10,000 from the silent auction. There were a lot of other things going on that weekend, and the attendance was lower, but we made a lot of money.  Our revenue was about $30,000 between the dash and the auction. We need to use the money to spruce up well.

Mike says grounds will get the picnic tables fixed up and we are going to pay for this.

We are discussing big trips etc.

– Treasurer-Elect Cindy Donovan

– Communications Coord. Frazine/Licata

– Room Parent Coord. Nancy Drabek

– Volunteer Coord. Eyer/Milliman

– PTOC Representative Nesa Malcheff

– Enrichment Coord. Sheagren/Kerber

– Dicken/Slauson Representative open

– Hospitality Allyson Hartung

– Secretary Jeanie Wilson

– Teacher Representative Celia Gargaro

Upcoming Events

April 21th 4th Grade Trip to Lansing

April 22nd -May 2 for k-2, May 6-23 for grades 3-5 NWEA Testing Window

April Thrift Shop Drive- Payout will come in June and reimburse the PTO for the trips it pays for.

April 22nd Earth Day- Michele Lowe has a trip ready for k-1 with a five senses tour.

April 24rd Community Night Out – Friends of Dicken Woods Max and Erma’s

April 23th Secretaries Day- Allie will do something for this. Patty will go to the Tigers game.

April 24th Take your child to Work Day

May 1st Community of Cultures Potluck 6-7:30- Kids will bring in culture bags. There is a Japanese dance and an Indian Dance.  Maggi made some suggestions she had about teaching about cultures.

The film group will show their movie here.

May 5-9th Teacher Appreciation week: Christina Busse has this covered. She has people to help her.

May 10th WESO Competition (Pioneer High School)

May 18th Community Night Out – Pizza House

May 19th WESO Pizza Party/ Used book sale- There will also be a time during school as well, but that is not set yet. Maggi will look into this date.

May Youth Bank Day- May 7

May 7- There is an assembly and the film group will show their movie.

May PTO Board Meeting, 7-9pm, Tuesday May 6

May 29 meeting will be at Milliman’s for our end of the year meeting

Maggi moved to spend $400 to redo the PTO closet. Cindy moves, Celia seconds. All approve.

Action Items: Blasting positions for the board

Adjourn: Mikes Moved, Jen seconded. Adjourned, 9:10pm.