Agenda for September PTO Board Meeting

Download September PTO Board Meeting Agenda

 PTO Board Meeting

September 11, 2012, 6:00 p.m.

Dicken MPR


Welcome                                                         Amy Robbins/ Rachel Egelhof

  • Approval of August Minutes
  • Approval of September Consent Agenda

Presidents’ Report                                         Amy Robbins/ Rachel Egelhof

  • WordPress/ Google Sites Update

–       Rachel Egelhof met with Jen Eyer.  Both Rob Frazine & Rachel have access to the PTO WordPress site & can upload information (agendas, minutes, etc.).  Jen encourages us to use the site to blog, publish students’ stories & keep information current.  Jen will continue to provide technical support this school year.
–       Please remember to upload to Google Sites any documents that current or future PTO members may need (forms, posters, instructions, etc.)!

Upcoming Events

  • 5th Grade Community Can/ Bottle Drive; 9/16.
  • Family Picnic & Potluck; 9/20 from 4:30-7:00 pm.
  • 5th Grade Community Car Wash @ Goldfish Swim School; 9/22 from 12:30-3:30 pm.

Report Outs

– Principal                                                             Michael Madison
– President-Elect                                                  Rachel Francisco
– Secretary                                                           Kirstin Queen
– Treasurer                                                           Rob Frazine
– Treasurer-Elect                                                  Amy Nelson
– Communications Coord.                                    Mandi Wise
– Room Parent Coord.                                          Maggi Kennel
– Fundraising Coord.                                            Micki Schueler
– Volunteer Coord.                                                Janine Hutchinson/ Sonya Lewis
– PTOC Representative                                        OPEN
– Enrichment Coord.                                             Bethany Williston/ Jennifer Streeter
– Dicken/Slauson Representative                         Marina Zakarian
– Hospitality                                                           Allyson Hartung
– Teacher Representative                                     Kristina Rossi

Dicken Dash Presentation                               Micki Schueler/ Kirstin Queen

Outdoor Classroom Presentation                   David Lewis

Action Items


 2012-13 PTO Meeting Dates 

September 11th (General Meeting @ Dicken)  ¨  October 4th  ¨  November 1st   ¨  December 6th  ¨  January 10th  (General Meeting @ Dicken)  ¨  February 7th  ¨  March 7th  ¨  April 11th  (General Meeting @ Dicken)  ¨  May 2nd  ¨  June 3rd

Other Locations TBA

What does the PTO do?

Volunteers and financial support are two of the PTO’s biggest contributions to Dicken School.  During the 2011-12 school year, some of the events that the PTO funded include

–       Field trips ($7000)
–       In-School Performances ($3000) and
–       Teacher Stipends ($3500).

In the coming year, the PTO will also help make several playground improvements, sponsor the first annual Dicken Dash, provide enrichment activities during lunch time, organize the Dicken Family Picnic, Super Science Day with the Hands On Museum, the Thanksgiving Potluck, NAAPID, Community of Cultures, and MUCH more!

2012-13 Dicken PTO BOARD MEMBERS – Contact information


go to < sign up for any events/committees you like. For those without Internet access, there will be paper copies of the Time and Talent Survey, located in the Dicken office. Thank you so much for enriching our community by sharing your time, skills, and enthusiasm with our kids!