November 2011 PTO board meeting agenda

Welcome                                                            Stephanie/Kirstin            5 min
Agenda Review
Approval of Minutes     
Special Presenters : (none)
President’s Report                                          Stephanie/Kirstin            30 min
Monthly Calendar Review
Issues Status:
1.       Insurance
2.       Training
3.       Teacher Wish List
4.       Stipends
5.       Recruiting (WESO, Reading Month, Super Science Day, Ice Cream Social, NAAPID)
6.       Venues for future meetings
7.       Directory
8.       Book Giveaway
9.       Teacher Cookie Giveaway
Voting Items:
10.   Policies/Procedures
11.   Facebook Page (PTO General – or – Auction only)
12.   Sidewalk Expenditure
13.   Bearclaw/Coffee co-sponsorship ($250 every other month = $1,000 for year)
14.   Field Trip Procedure Review and 2011-12 allocation (2010-11 was $1500/grade)
Dessert donations for Potluck
Feedback – include event costs on communications
Bylaws discussion (Executive/Board Members)
Principal’s Remarks                                        Mike                                     30 min
Executive Board Officer Reports                                                               30 min
Secretary                                                             Tekisha
Treasurer                                                            Amy/Rob
Communications Coordinator                             Rachel
Room Parent Coordinator                                    Amy/Kirstin
Volunteer Coordinator                                      Maggi
PTOC Representative                                         Tenagne
Fundraising Coordinator                               Jenn B.
Enrichment Coordinator                               Jennifer S./Bethany
Dicken-Slauson Liaison                                  Janine/Sonya
Teacher Representative                                              Kristina
New Business
Action Items/Adjourn