February 2011 PTO Board Meeting Minutes

February PTO Board Meeting

February 3, 2011

Board Members attending:  Naela Jenkins, Sally Steward, Jennifer Streeter, Stephanie Comai, Kirstin Queen, Jennifer Brogno, Amy Nelson, Anthony Sparkling, Vicki Haviland, Tenagne Fields, Mike Madison, LaShawna Brandon, Caroline Sutton, Susan Farrell.

January minutes approved.

Denene Smith from Comerica Bank

How we’re going to roll out the new bank program from Comerica

Denene handed out the parent letter that will come home to all Dicken families from Comerica people, along with the registration sheet.  Parents will not have to come in, but can give a copy of the Social Security card.  They will revise the letter to include the information that the SS cards will be confidential.  Parents could also come in to hand off the information.

Kick off assembly at 9 am on 2-11 with Comerica representatives here.   If kids already have an account, they can’t really use it as part of the Comerica School banking program because the terms are so different.  Thursday, March 3 will be the first banking day, then once a month for this year.  Comerica will be here at several school-wide events to answer questions from parents.  Banking dates: 4-14, 5-5, 6-2.

We took staff and parent input to decide that kids will do the banking first thing in the morning – beginning at 8:30-9:30 am.  Student Council will pick some students to take on various positions at the bank, along with Comerica representative.  All classes will be getting financial literacy lessons from Comerica on banking days.  Kids will get a savings book to keep up with their information.  She will find out if kids can bring in checks.  She will also find out if parents can access information online.  They will develop an FAQ.  Could we enter the information online instead of a green form?  Making sure that kids put their passbook in a secure place as they leave is also a concern, so please ask people working here to do that.

Principal’s Report – Mike Madison

  • 2-8  Kindergarten round up – please make sure that parents get registered if you know of incoming kindergarten
  • 2-9  Count Day – Started with 372, we’re at 370 now.
  • 2-3  WESO coach meeting at Dicken
  • 2-14  NAAPID – PTO is sponsoring the continental breakfast and is donated by hospitality.  PTO paying for LaRon Williams assembly.  Recess Singers may be singing at the assembly.  Some 5th grade Wax Museum presentations will be that day.  He has asked staff to emphasize fruit and other healthy treat for the Valentines’ Day parties.
  • 2-15  Annual Dicken Woods Winter Walk. They will doing a power point of the luminarias for all to see in the MPR during the hot chocolate time.
  • 2-16  No School – Staff PD
  • 2-18  February Break begins.
  • Staffing update:  Ms. Nicole Davis is reassigned to Slauson, our new person is Kristen Wallraven – at Bach and Dicken.

2 of the Spanish teachers have left, but both have replacements.


President’s Report – Naela Jenkins

  • PTO Elections – we need to have a nominating committee.  Slate should published 5 days before the April General meeting.  We will send something home describing all the positions and their time commitment.  Nominating committee – 3-5 people, main goal is to recruit people for next year’s board.  Tenagne Fields, Vicki Haviland, Anthony Sparkling, Stephanie Comai, Kirstin Queen, Naela Jenkins.
  • PTO Thrift has such a surplus of clothing they are allowing each school to have 20 bags of clothes a month – Susan and La Shawna picked them up, LaShawna washed the clothes and distributed the clothes to families in need. Ideas to have a “shopping” night or morning for distributing clothes in the future.  Call it a clothing swap or at least make it a fun time for shopping so there is no stigma attached!   There could be a basket in each classroom.  Sally will talk about this with staff in terms of space in classrooms.  We can talk to other schools.  We could put a rack in the PTO closet.  Susan will make some inquiries.
  • Dads Group – 17 attended and it was a snowy night, 30 emailed to say they’d like to come but couldn’t.  He sent out a survey to the dads.  Does this need to be a PTO thing?  His vision is more to get dads involved academically and socially, and to possibly help out with PTO things.  We did get an Ice Cream Social chair from the Dads group.  We discussed whether or not this is a PTO subgroup or not – should be some coordination at a minimum, access to services and calendar.  We decided that it needs to be a committee chair in the PTO.

Project Grow – Andrew Comai via Naela

Project Grow Garden.  Lots of empty plots last year; he wants us to open up to other people – could be opened to Friends of Dicken Woods first.  The vandalism here is not worse than some other sites, especially with school sites.  He can open it to Friends of Dicken Woods.

Treasurer – Anthony Sparkling

Anthony reviewed the budget.  Some highlights–  CPK — $408, Colonial Lanes -$60, DESK crew made $60.  PTO Thrift $1050.  Big Chill donation — $83.  $722 from Box Tops.

Communications – Kirstin Queen

Let’s change to another website provider.  Vicki and Kirstin will work on it.

Room parent coordinator – Tenagne Fields

Some shuffling around of room parents as we got started with donations for the auction, but as it stands, the baskets look slim.  Betheny Williston is being the liaison for auction baskets.  Could recommend Sign Up Genius or cash donations.  Suggest getting the basket themes earlier.

Teacher Representative — Sally Steward

  • Thanks so much for the wonderful assemblies our kids have had this year!  We’ve had great ones that we are incorporating into the curriculum and making connections.  We look forward to having all parents here for NAAPID!  Contact teachers if you’d like to come another day!  Kids are excited, too!
  • We discussed if it makes sense to have technology subscriptions through Scholastic for teachers for this year or if we should do it next year instead.  Sally will talk to teachers about it.

Enrichment Coordinators – Stephanie Comai and Jennifer Streeter

  • Recess Players – the games have started.  Where do we send kids who are not interested  in doing the activity?
  • Recess Readers – lots of kids!  Older kids will have a book club.
  • Recess Singers – some schedule changes – kids all eat in the lunch room.
  • Still working on scheduling Wild Swan in May.  Mike will include the MI Humanities Council logo for the LaRon Williams performance.

Dicken-Slauson Liaison – Susan Farrell

  • 5th grade
  • We seem to have enough money.  Poster for Show Your Support won $500 for the 5th grade fund.  Cluster concert next Thursday at Slauson.  5th grade parents can sign up for the Slauson Yahoo group to get their blasts.
  • Thrift Shop — $1050 from various promotions.  Lori Milliman has joined the Thrift Board.  Our clothing drive is coming up in April.  We have a poster contest for 3rd grade pool trip.  2 more dates for these poster contests – one could benefit the daily recess programs, and one could be the Friends of Dicken Woods.

Hospitality – Caroline Sutton

Caroline gave us a treat!  Leftovers from the Teacher Treat upcoming for February.  Thanks, Caroline!

Fundraising – Jennifer Brogno

Spread the word!  Downtown restaurant Banditos is giving us 30% of sales that mention Dicken all day on February 10th ! No coupon, so just spread the word!

Announcement from President Naela Jenkins

Naela let us know that her work schedule is going to require her to step away from the presidency a little bit early.  Thanks so much to everyone for all the support – next month will be her final meeting.  LaShawna will be taking over then.

8:50 pm adjournment