June 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

June 3, 2010

PTO Board Meeting  — Old Board/New Board

Board Members Present:

Kirsten Queen, Jen Brogno, Caroline Sutton, Susan Farrell, Anthony Sparkling, Tenagne Fields, Leigh Ann Boyd, Julie Morrison, Naela Jenkins, LaShawna  Brandon, Amy Nelson, Vicki Haviland, Michael Madison

May Minutes approved.


Naela went over the new slate to be sure everyone knows the positions.

Caroline Sutton — Hospitality

Leigh Ann Boyd – Enrichment

Julie Morrison – incoming Volunteer Coordinator

LaShawna Brandon– President Elect

Vicki Haviland– Secretary

Mike Madison –  School Principal

Kirsten Queen – Communications

Jennifer Brogno – Teacher Representative

Susan Farrell – Dicken/ Slauson Liaison

Tenagne Fields – Room Parent Coordinator

Amy Nelson – Treasurer-Elect

Anthony Sparkling – Treasurer

President — Naela Jenkins

  • Binders/contact info: Be sure you have your binders and contact information – Vicki will update this list for inclusion in the binders in August – this contact information is private information just for the board.

  • Gift for Mr. Monash – We would like to honor Mr. Monash at his retirement.  Can we spend PTO funds to purchase a cake for him? Cathy Cieglo is coordinating food from the staff and will also donate money for a gift for Ken.  We still have some hospitality funds, and decided that we will donate up to $100 to purchase a cake and any other refreshments possible.

We also decided to contribute to Girls on the Run and sponsor a girl in his name.  He has been very supportive of the program and has been to every 5K race!  We are conscious that we are establishing a precedent in making donations in honor of retiring teachers that we will need to continue in the future.

  • Dicken Book Club: Cathy Mellett would like to work with her daughter Anna, a 4th grader, to be able to give Dicken kids books multiple times a year.  This year, she will be donating 2 books for each child, and kids will select them in the multipurpose room before the end of school.  She would like to give out books for each school break next year.  We need to get her involved with Family Reading Night.  In August, she will come to us and request a budget for next year, so we need to think about how to consider this idea.
  • National Walk to School Day: Rich Tuzinsky is organizing that early this year since it always happens in early October (this year, Weds, October 6, 2010).  Julie will help him get a committee.   Goal is to have bus-riding kids dropped off at Mushroom Park and have 1 volunteer for every 10 kids walk them to school.  Would have to have a permission slip for that, and we would get the Safety Patrol to help.
  • Volunteering: How can we do a better job spreading things out in asking for volunteers at this point in the year?  Feels a little overcrowded right now with so many donations being asked for (book donations, Philippines school supplies, PTO Thrift shop, etc. . . ) along with the usual end-of-school activities.
  • PTO Thrift: When would our ideal time for PTO Thrift donation drive be for next year? We like idea of doing it around Earth Day – mid-April – right after Spring Break.  People can start donating now, and we can collect up to about 120 bags of items.  We will drop off in the lobby and store in the PTO closet.  Tuesday morning the truck is coming.  (Tony pointed out to me that we can’t really store things in the PTO closet as you must be able to walk through to the media center—the stage is best, but we must coordinate around assemblies.)
  • Google Docs: For the board, we use a Google document to post the agendas and other key information so that we have a common place to go and view things.  We will get everyone added to learn how to do it.  It’s private b/c no one can see it except people with permission.   Naela passed around a list of things that happen during the year and when.  We will meet at the end of August to set the calendar.
  • Word Press website – do we want to keep it?  It is linked through the Dicken website and is operated and maintained by the PTO about PTO matters.  We will talk about this next time.
  • Policy Procedure Review

Anthony developed this for this year with details for how things happen for PTO all year.  He adapted to Dicken from another school’s procedures.  He will send copies electronically to everyone.  Our Mission statement is in our by-laws already, so we need to see if we want to amend it.  We also need an e-copy of the by-laws.  We will take time to review and discuss in August meeting.    Vicki and Kirsten will make an e-copy.

  • Summer Enrichment – We are moving ahead and the only glitch is Title One money can only cover the teacher teaching the Title One kids.  This is enrichment for everyone, and it is co-sponsored by Title One, so PTO funds will go to support the teachers beyond just for working with the Title One kids, as well as to pay for supplies, learning incentives, etc . . .
  • Survey that we sent out to all Dicken community will help with enrichment options and other things for next year, so we have more of a sense of what people want and what is less important.

Principal — Mike Madison

  • Thanks to Naela and Jen and all the board for all the work this year from Mike and the staff.  We are having a special coffee between 8-10 am for Bearclaw coffee or smoothies to thank you for all this work.  We have some amazing people at Dicken.
  • Staffing – lots of email and questions but we don’t know who is teaching what until negotiations are done in at least 2 weeks.    Our numbers for next year at this point:

3 sections of K  — about18 per class

3 1st — 25

3 2nd – 24

3 3rd — 21

2 4th at 28

2 5th at 25 per class

Kids are put together in sections with no teachers’ names this year since our staffing is so up in the air.  Many people have still asked for teachers for next year, but we just can’t use these.  Pairing kids up in how they should be together and what type of structure should be together.  District likes to staff now, but we can still adjust if there are problems next year as things settle for the year. These numbers already include Schools of Choice additional students.

  • New head custodian – Laura Kirchoff retired.  We picked up William Copeland who shadowed Laura for a week.  He loves working with kids while making the building immaculate as Laura did!  Still have Tony in the evening.  We have Camp Quest in the building and so there are 10 rooms in use all summer, which will test the patience of our teachers; they can’t come in until late August to set up rooms.
  • SIT – met this past month.  They created a new vision, belief, and mission statements.  The Vision includes DICKEN as an acrostic poem.
  • Calendar for June: Going to be a fast 9 and 1/2 days until the end of school!

Talent Show 1:30 – 3:00 – 49 acts with 85 kids!  Staff acts!

6-5  WESO 100 + kids and 89 will be competing!

6-7  Field Day – K-2 in morning and then afternoon is 3-5  — 9 stations – wear bathing suits and sunscreen and they will get water bottles.  Niki Tracy has chaired for 6 years and will do through 2015!

6-8  Parent volunteer coffee, PTO pick up 4th grade concert

6-9 Monash retirement,

6-10 Ice Cream Social

6-11 – kindergarteners to Jenkins’ house

6-16 5th grade promotion

  • -18 – 5th graders
  • Thanks to PTO for all the support for all these events!

Treasurer – Anthony Sparkling

  • Prepared our annual taxes to maintain our 501C status, and cancelled credit card payment that was $43 a month.
  • Field Trip Report flow form will help us to see how things progress throughout the year to help with budgeting.
  • Anthony, Jen, and Naela met to come up with a proposed PTO budget for 2010-11.
  • Continues to reconcile the statements.

Room Parent Coordinator – Tenagne Fields

Tenagne wants to create a survey for teachers about what they need and want; if you had a perfect room parent – what would that be?  How they see that role? She hopes to find creative ways to bridge the gap between teacher, room parent, and parents.  Jennifer will put together a survey and gather information by July.

Fundraising – Jennifer Brogno

  • Whole auction team is still on for next year, and Pizza Kits are off.  Community Night Out is on.
  • SpriritWear chair is Micki Scheuler.
  • We will try to coordinate fundraising jobs with the time and talent survey.

Teacher representative – Jody Brecht (via Jennnifer Brogno)

Thank you from the Dicken staff for all your support this year.

Enrichment — Leigh Ann Boyd

Is there any way that PTO can give an extra thank you to the 5th grade teachers for all that they do?  Could we do gift certificates for the 5th grade teachers?  They do the camping, the dance, and lots of other things.  We can look at that for the 5th grade fund.

Dicken-Slauson Liaison – Susan Farrell

  • All committee positions for next year for 5th grade are full.
  • There is a Pumpkin patch meeting on Tuesday night.  The tentative date for it is Thursday Oct 28.
  • Next year, we will call it a 5th grade party not 5th grade dance.  Still be the same thing but not call it a dance because there was lots of drama about it this year.

PTO Board Guidelines for discussion/sharing

All meetings are open and public.  Minutes are taken to record decisions made, not to capture all points of discussion. We hope that PTO board members will respect each other and not share sensitive points of discussion. The reason for this is that we want everyone to feel comfortable to speak up and ask questions and share.  Speak your truth, stay engaged, expect to disagree, accept non-closure.

Ideas and Issues for next year

Tenagne asked if we could have (this year) a meeting for parents transitioning from Dicken to Slauson at school.  Here’s what to expect from Middle School.  She would like some help facilitating that meeting, and hopes we could we have it at school.  Concern that there is already a lot going on with only a few more days of school to make it happen for this year.

Next Meeting: We will have a longer planning meeting on Sunday afternoon, Aug 22, from 1-4:30 to make decisions for and plan for next year.