March 2010 PTO Board Meeting Minutes

3-4-10  PTO March Board Meeting

minutes taken by Vicki Haviland

submitted March 29, 2010

Board members attending: Jen Eyer, Aerin Brownlee, Jen Brogno, Tracy Janevic, Anthony Sparkling, Vicki Haviland, Barb Byers, Kirsten Queen

February Minutes approved pending typos corrections.

Presidents’ Report – Jen Eyer and Naela Jenkins

  • Safe Route to School – Since this event is always very early in the school year, we’ve never been able to really do it well because of timing.  We have a committee from this year, and we will get them working on it now so that things are in place for next year.  Contact Janie to find the group to get started now for next year, and then we can have something in first day packet about it.

  • Memorials – a 5th grade girl lost her mom this year, and the grandmother and daughter would like some kind of memorial here.  We brainstormed ideas, and we really like the idea of letting people know that they could donate books to the library or to Mr. Monash’s class with labels in honor of the mother.  We sent a card and flowers from the PTO.  Office could generate the labels for donated books.
  • Next year – We need to know what people’s thoughts are about staying and moving on.  We need to look at positions with a critical eye and think about how can we consolidate.  We also needclear job descriptions and more publicity to get it more people involved on the board.  We also think the time and talent survey could be a little more descriptive and could go out twice a year.  It might also include the time commitment needed.   The Blast can send out information for next year, and we can also talk to people about serving.
  • Trees — Trish Koman is working to get us matching funds from our $600 tree grant award.
  • By-Laws – According to the by-laws, the PTO Board holds “elections” at the April general meeting after work by the Nominating committee.  This year, Naela and Jen will do publicity, and we’ll have a General Meeting in May to approve the slate. Need to consider reworking the By-Laws since “elections” haven’t happened for awhile.

Treasurer – Anthony Sparkling

  • Budget Notes
  • Spent $495 for NAAPID – from enrichment budget.  Sue Jenkins will submit other receipts – her budget was $200.
  • We earned $237 from Coney Island
  • PTO copies were $500.
  • Scholastic Invoice: $2600 (did they take the sales tax?)
  • $757 EGGS Busch’s income
  • We have about $14, 137 in the bank.  We’re at about $3700 net for the year so far.
  • EGGS Kroger print out:  details from quarter tell us that 91 families are enrolled.
  • Cash Box Request sheets – Anthony wants to clean up the forms and have a formal request form.  For the Used Book Sale, the quarters should come from the Principal’s fund. Silent Auction people will start with the new Cash Box Request forms and procedures, and Tracy will need it for Used Book Sale.
  • Scholastic stopped sending books that have same-sex – so then some schools are boycotting.  We may not work with them next year.
  • Budget Policy: Anthony had forwarded a budget policy from another school that has much more detail than ours. Anthony will divide it up and we can work on revising it to develop one for ourselves.
  • Discounts at Party City – we get a discount and we should not need to pay sales tax.

PTOC – Barb Byers

  • Burns Park Run – PTOC let us know that we can get $9-$10 per person who runs in this race for our school.  Run is in May – you link on their website and tell them your school.   We went over people who had volunteered to work on our run (which didn’t happen), and we all thought of asking Elizabeth Taylor to simply publicize this race for Dicken.

Fundraising – Jen Brogno

  • EGGS — May have to re-sign-up every year at Kroger.
  • Boxtops – Cindy said you can only submit twice a year – last one was March 1 – we collected 10,000 box tops and did not make our goals.  First was $600, second $1000.  So we still made a lot of money!
  • Pizza Sales – may not do as well this year because of timing and no back pack reminders.  Heather stepped up to the plate to take this on, and it’s the same time as the Used Book Sale.
  • New student council initiative – Terracycle is a program where you collect Capri Sun and Frito Lay snack bags in barrels and you get 2 cents a piece. Deb Heed will head it up for next year.
  • Idea for a flower sale in the spring again or make the Ice Cream Social for profit.  Deb Heed said she would help with flowers.
  • Sally Foster was really hard to work with on unhappy customers.  Another company is Innisbrook, which is made in the USA.  We don’t want to do the magazine component of this, because the middle school already sells them.
  • Applebee’s – We made $150, and had low attendance, maybe because it was both Ash Wednesday and WESO night.  Jen welcomes April ideas.
  • Scrip cards will move to once a year because it’s just worth the effort required.
  • PTO Thrift Store – not taking anything until first week of June, but they are willing to take volunteers and will pay $8-10 an hour.  Susan will come talk to us at a meeting in April.  We will take it June dates.  Slauson made a couple thousand dollars.

Enrichment – Aerin Brownlee

Super Science Day – grades 1-5 on May 21 and from 9:30-end of day.  We need 20 volunteers, 2-hour shifts for people.  We can ask Pioneer Trailblazers to help. We also can ask for Kohl’s people to work through a volunteer outreach program, where they do community service and also give you $500.  Kindergarten program is May 26th at 9:30 and 10:30 and 1 pm.  Our cost is $1035.  Last year was $808, so we are going to check into that.  Doing different experiments from last year.  The after-school things are the same, so it will be a repeat for some kids.  We need someone to chair it.

Hospitality – Julie Morrison

Kindergarten round up changed to March 25th (not 18th) from 4-5 pm, and kids come.  Julie will take care of it.    Last year we gave them Ice Cream Social tickets, and we will do it again this year.

Teacher Appreciation Week – Kirsten volunteered to take it on. Teachers loved the catered lunch, and the budget is $200.  Look at different restaurants especially Qdoba – 40 people.  Ideas for gifts for Friday of that week.

Jen Eyer told the group about’s plan to launch community-based pages where community members can post stories about their schools.  Jen volunteered to be the editor of stories about Dicken.  We agreed that we needed to work on this with Mike and AAPS to get their guidelines on how to proceed.  We shared concerns about commenting options and the possibility of hurtful/unprofessional comments or stories being posted and how we would deal with that.  This could be a great way to get even more publicity for the great things going on at Dicken.

Next meeting is April 1 at Naela’s.