November 2009 PTO Board meeting minutes

Dicken PTO Board Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation

Dicken Art Room

11-4-09         6:30-7:30 pm 

Board Members attending: Jennifer Brogno, Michael Madison, Naela Jenkins, Janie Ward, Tracy Janevic, Julie Morrison, Aerin Brownlee, Barb Byers, Jody Brecht 

General Members attending:  Elizabeth Taylor, Lori Milliman, Adrienne Lacotta,  Amy Lorenc, Maria Kook, Cathy Cieglo 

Minutes approved from October general meeting. 

Presidents’ Report – Naela Jenkins (Jen Eyer is out of town) 

    Millage -Mike will keep us posted on millage repercussions.  If you see her, thank Stephanie Comai for her work.   
    Thank You–  PTO received thank you notes from Cathy Cieglo, Mike Madison and Cieglo’s class.  The notes were passed around. 
    Thanks to Julie for the food.  Everyone told to help themselves. 

Principal’s Report – Mike Madison

    Staff is appreciative for the stipend for school supplies and for the field trips.
    We have a new teacher clerk in the office.  Her name is Bethany Krumm.  She works in the office from 8:30-12:30 and then is a TA in Mr. Monash’s class in the afternoon.  She replaces Valerie Alexander who was new to Dicken this year.  (Deb Loepke resigned over the summer.)
    Thanks to the parents who helped with the Halloween Parade and donated extra costumes. 
    Staff have reported that they’ve met with 90% of the parents in our community during parent teacher conferences this fall.  They will still try to reach the remaining 10% in coming weeks.
    11-11-09 is picture retake day.  A flier will come home.
    The next Community Night Out is 11-11-09 at Bagger Dave’s from 5-9.  They will donate 10% of earnings if presented with a Dicken coupon.  We made $267 from California Pizza Kitchen.  It was good seeing so many Dicken families there.  A public thank you to Jennifer Brogno for organizing these events.
    Report Cards will come home in backpacks 11-16-09.
    11-17-09 and 11-18-09 New Book Sale on the stage.  Also All School Thanksgiving potluck is 11-17-09.  Books will be on sale during the event.
    There are 3 vacation days for Thanksgiving:  Nov. 25, 26, 27.
    Please read classroom newsletters and the Dicken Data. 

Treasurer – Naela Jenkins (for Anthony Sparkling)

    We now have about $10,000 in the bank.  Teacher stipends are our biggest one-time-payout expense, and that has been done. We would like to keep our account at $10,000.  Thanks to the teachers for trying to lessen costs of field trips.  (There will be only one bus going to Lansing this year, cutting the cost of that trip in half.)  Anthony requests that teachers give him at least a few days’  notice for field trip expenses.  Barb Byers reported that she and Anthony installed the new accounting software, and that Anthony is doing well with it. 

Room Parent Coordinator –Tracy Janevic

    No new news, but Mike asked about the status of the Fan Out sheet.  Tracy will send an e-mail to remind room parents to turn them in to the office. 

Volunteer Coordinator — Janie Ward

    Still need lots of volunteers!
    ROAR needed still and new parent, Adrienne Lacotta volunteered on the spot.  Super Science Day still needed and parent, Eerin Brownlee volunteered on the spot.  Julie Morrison will be in charge of finding volunteers for Teacher Appreciation Week.  We need someone to coordinate advertising for the directory.  Jenn Brogno will do the layout once advertising is secured.  Advertising will be sold for $10, $25, and $50 depending on size and is used to offset the cost of printing.  Yearbook chair still needed, and Amy Lorenc volunteered on the spot! 

PTOC representative — Barb Byers

    No news. 

Fundraising – Jennifer Brogno

    Spirit Wear – Made $700, which was $500 more than anticipated.  Will offer a second order in the spring.
    Scrip – $1800 in orders only profited Dicken $156.  Strong push before holiday shopping will highlight the businesses that offer the most return.  Also highlight gas gift cards, which might bring more interest.
    Sally Foster will give 50% of profits to Dicken.  Orders due Nov. 20.
    EGGS cards are doing well!  We have already made $1400 so far this year, bulk of that from Kroger.
    New Book Fair — the goal is $1500.  Scholarship money for books is built into the budget, so parents won’t be asked to donate $1 this year.  Still really need volunteers.  Will use vouchers again this year. 

Enrichment Coordinator –  Aerin Brownlee

    Doug Sherer will present Adventures in Reading on 12-4-09.  Two assemblies at 9 and 10 a.m.
    The after school enrichment program has not received any interest from parents willing to volunteer. 
    Lisa Bankey was introduced.  She is an enrichment coordinator for the school district.  She works 10 hours/week helping schools, principals, teachers, PTO find resources for enrichment.  Her position is paid for through a grant, not through the school district.  She services 4 schools.  She doesn’t have time to facilitate the programs, but she can do the start up and help find volunteers.  She is trying to get EMU pre-student teachers who need hours and experiences to help with noon hour enrichment.  Some ideas from other schools are a school newspaper and having doctors be guest speakers in kindergarten classrooms to support the unit on the Human Body.   
    Cathy Cieglo will contact Comerica to see if they can also provide volunteers for a noon hour enrichment program in the winter months. 

Hospitality — Julie Morrison

The biggest thing coming up is the Thanksgiving Family Potluck.  Her committee will provide main dishes.  Naela reported that she is trying to get the turkeys and hams donated.  41 families have RSVP’d so far. 

New Business–Naela proposed having the PTO supply coffee and paper products for the Potluck.  She suggested a budget of $100.  The motion was approved.