June 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

Location: Jen Eyer’s home

I. Introduction (Naela) – In attendance: Naela Jenkins, Kirsten Queen, Jennifer Brogno, Anthony Sparkling, Jen Eyer, Leigh Ann Boyd, Janie Ward, Kevin Ellwood, Aerin Brownlee, Mike Madison
a. Aerin Brownlee agrees to act as secretary
II. Principal’s Report
a. MEAP proficiency scores was distributed and discussed. Dicken scores are competitive with other schools in both district and state. Mike would like our scores to be higher than district in all areas.
i. Writing scores discussed, scoring is subjective and writing test is likely to be eliminated for most grades next year.
b. End of Year Activities Tally distributed.
i. Noticed that some grades have more than 1 event for end of year celebrations. Is this appropriate?
ii. Some classes asking for additional funds for trips and parties. Are parents feeling pressured?
iii. Should each grade have just one end of year celebration
iv. Decision to bring this to staff for discussion
III. Review Job Descriptions
a. Job binders distributed: still need secretary, Enrichment, and Hospitality
IV. Calendar of Events for 09-10
a. 1st day Hospitality Tea will be supplied via donations from PTO board members.
b. Curriculum night set for Sept 15. PTO Board mtg prior with vote for new board members
c. New Book Sale moved to November and hold in conjunction with school-wide Thanksgiving Potluck in evening.
d. December – Mike would like PTO to adopt a family for Christmas.
e. Reading Month in March will need new chair. Tracy Janovich will continue chair of Used Book Sale
f. Dolphin Dash – lack of profit, chair, and route concerns. Postpone next year and move to fall of 2010? Try alternate fundraiser?
g. Replace Sally Foster with Michigan-based business
h. Fundraising will be discussed in more detail at August Board meeting
i. Add Bring Parent to School Day in October after MEAP
j. Service Squad and Student Council will have fundraisers in months other than PTO. (Also suggest service squad hold fewer events asking for donations from families).
k. Room Parent Coordinator should schedule Room Parent meeting early in year to explain expectations for year and encourage budgeting contributions and clear expectations between teacher and room parent.
l. Stephanie Hunter from Natural History Museum wants to adopt a school for night at museum or lunchtime science groups. These would be free.
m. Aerin Brownlee raised desire for program similar to Haisley Super Scholars. Would involve community and parent volunteers donating their expertise in an area as an after school class. Classes are approx 1 hour length for 4-6 weeks. Time is donated and supplies are either donated by course instructor or reimbursed through PTO. Tuition scholarships available through PTO. Concern raised by Mike that some students would not be able to participate due to lack of transportation. Concern raised by Naela that program may poach volunteers from WESO. Programs at Haisley are focused mainly on arts and humanities.
V. Budget
a. Distributed by Leigh Ann Boyd.
b. Concern that we are starting 09-10 with less than 20K. Most expenses are early in year while fundraisers occur later. Discussed moving fundraisers including New Book Sale to October
c. Teacher wish-list – idea proposed to give teachers gift cards purchased through Scripps. Point raised that someone would need to collect wish list and purchase and distribute cards. Scripps are not bought until November and total earned for school may not be worth extra work.
d. Desire raised for receipts submitted by teachers for purchases made with PTO funds. Agree to implement this process
e. Push EGGS. Idea raised to log people into Kroger program using laptop at entrance first few days of school and early school events.
f. Pictures/Yearbook: We will no longer subsidize the composite & yearbook will be included in packages.
VI. Dicken Blog
a. Jen Eyer unveiled the new PTO Blog. Each board member will have access and will post their information in order to provide greater transperancy and increase communication between members and families.
b. Blog will allow comments and Jen will monitor for negative comments, insist on real names.
VII. Yahoo Groups Sign Up
a. Will be resurrected for 09-10 year.
b. Kirsten Queen will enter all emails for school families
c. Families will receive information via yahoo list.
d. If families opt-out they will receive information in paper form.
e. Desire is to go paperless.
f. Kirsten will format and get approved by Mike
g. PTO will reach out to families without email and encourage their subscription to email services available for free in community